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Our passion is to keep your business moving by providing genuine spare parts to maximize uptime and performance of your vehicle. Providing genuine parts, quality services and solutions that exceed the customer expectation is our top priority to ensure a rewarding vehicle experience with maximum uptime and overall operating cost it was built for. All parts are engineered and guaranteed by specific, accurate testing to ensure the high standards of quality, performance, and warranty. There are about thousands of readily available parts in our inventory and every single one of them can be delivered at your door steps.
Unparalleled parts availability
The Scania parts is engineered for ultimate performance, endurance, fuel economy and safety. Our experts will quickly identify and organize the items you need, and deliver at your door steps.
CIFA’s expertise comes from its in-depth knowledge of equipment and how to use it. Designed by the same professionals who design CIFA machinery, CIFA spare parts are guaranteed by specific, accurate testing to ensure the high standards of quality and performance that a brand leader like CIFA intends to guarantee.
From filters to the counterweight, all Doosan genuine parts are specifically designed and manufactured for Doosan equipment.
The use of genuine parts extends the lifetime of equipment and guarantees stable and constant operations with the exceptional quality of parts.
Doosan’s reputation lies not only in the quality of its products, but also in the value of its warranty. Doosan offers through its authorized dealers one of the strongest warranties in the industry, providing the customers not only a peace of mind but also an added value to the product.

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Scania : 056 713 7689

CIFA : 050 217 0798

AL Ain : 050 436 3159