Spare parts

Our objective is to provide genuine parts, quality services and solutions that exceed the expectations of our customers to ensure a rewarding vehicle experience with maximum uptime and overall operating cost it was built for. All parts are engineered and guaranteed by specific, accurate testing to ensure the high standards of quality, performance, and warranty. There are about thousands of readily available parts in our inventory and every single one of them can be delivered at your door steps.

Unparalleled parts availability
The Scania parts is engineered for ultimate performance, endurance, fuel economy and safety. Our experts will quickly identify and organize the items you need, and deliver at your door steps.

Scania Oil
Oil is one of the most important components in your vehicle. It protects other parts by preventing wear and promoting longevity.

Scania Coolant
No-one should overlook the quality of the coolant used. The best way of ensuring top performance and maximum life is to always use the multifunctional Scania Coolant. It gives you a combination of freeze, boil and corrosion protection all year around.
You can always assure to get the original parts you needed when you do your maintenance with us.
CIFA’s expertise comes from its in-depth knowledge of equipment and how to use it. Designed by the same professionals who design CIFA machinery, CIFA spare parts are guaranteed by specific, accurate testing to ensure the high standards of quality and performance that a brand leader like CIFA intends to guarantee.

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