Chairman’s Letter

chairman Globalization of business has opened the floodgates of society bringing technology gushing in through them. Every new wave of technological advancement has created new challenges to the business world, at the same time raising the benchmarks for succeeding even higher. Our unquenchable thirst to meet the needs of the society and the country at large, has only seen Bin Brook grow successfully from strength to strength over the decades, Our capabilities in strategic decision-making, dynamic implementation and dedicated teamwork, have left behind a trail of phenomenal success.If our forays into building construction have laid the foundation of the present UAE, then our diversification into plastics is a step towards molding technological future of our country.Our activities like interior decorations and automobiles have contributed significantly at the macro level through the development of the country’s economy, while our interests in agriculture, dairy and water treatment have also given us the opportunity to serve the basic needs of its society even at micro level.We have now set our sails high to venture out further over the high seas of the new millennium. Empowered by the right mindset and equipped with the state-of-the-art technology, we are confident that our people are capable of guiding their organization on its mission even in the face of adverse or hostile condition. Mohamad Bin Brook

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