Expanding Fleet of the Super Cement Manufacturing Company

The constant progression and unceasing infrastructure projects in the country obtain a favorable opportunity for Super Cement Manufacturing Company to acquire additional 10 units Scania trucks in expanding their fleet lineup delivered last December 2016. The additional fleet consists of 4 Tractor head 6×4 with cement bulker, 2 Tractor head 4×2 with cement bulker and 4 Tractor head 6×4 with tipper trailer.

Super Cement Manufacturing Company LLC, is a granulated blast furnace slag grinding unit, located in Musaffah Industrial Area, Emirates of Abu Dhabi. Their production capacity reaches up to 700,000 metric ton of slag per annum.

Mr. Ishan Aggarwal, Commercial Director of Super Cement, shares the important factors in choosing transportation for their business “Transporting the products from our mixing plant to construction site is considered crucial stage of the process. There are significant distances for every delivery and any delays must be avoided to prevent the risk of reduced workability and segregation of the mix. This process should be well managed and organized. We have a very strict evaluation in choosing our fleet for efficient delivery”. He also proves their full confidence in adding more Scania trucks “We are using Scania for over a year on daily basis and we find excellent vehicle performance to sustain our delivery requirements, therefore we decided to add the same that is tested quality and worthy of our investment.”

“As of now, there are several ongoing construction projects that we must prioritize and our vehicles should be readily available to deliver the demand of our customers. I trust our fleet will manage to perform since we have not sent our vehicles for any major repairs until now. We make sure to maintain its condition on regular basis at Bin Brook Motors & Equipment facility, where they handle all minor issues at ease”.
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