Judging from the enthusiastic response from the customers, numerous participants from construction and transportation industry in Abu Dhabi (Western Region) accepted our demo invitation to experience firsthand the new Scania G 460 CA 6×6 Tractor head with Opticruise. The event started in August 2017 and is still ongoing, showcasing off-road features and functions such as Scania Opticruise with Off-road mode, traction control features and Scania Retarder with enhanced low-speed performance. These demos amazed operators, engineers and drivers upon witnessing the recent advances of a Scania off-road technology and overall performance while keeping driver’s comfort behind the wheel. One of the highlights was the outstanding driving demonstration of Mr. Butti Obaid Kneish Alhamy of Obaid Kneish and Sons General Transport Establishment, who is a professional off-road and desert dune driver. He attests ”if someone complains about the performance of this truck, I will present myself to certify that is has excellent performance and proficiency for desert driving.” Mr. Butti says further, ”when it comes to driving off-road particularly desert, travelling is very crucial. Maintaining the tires on the surface while keeping the vehicle’s stability maximizes traction. I recommend this truck because the suspension provides smoother tractable ride and very comfortable for the driver.” Bin Brook Motors & Equipment LLC, looks forward for more opportunity to delight customers while providing the best solutions to their business. All demo videos are available on Facebook via
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